College Knowlege Essay

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August 20th. worst and first day of collage. August 18th my birthday. August 19th a blur. I ended my summer with a bang. My plans; I just wanted to spend time with my friends during the day and maybe watch a movie at my girlfriend’s house. Friends plans; girlfriend plans me a surprise birthday party, all my friends are in the surprise too. I arrive DJ pounding, they surprise me, I kiss my girlfriend and my best friend puts a VIP bracelet on me. I normally don’t drink but that night I think I might have gotten alcohol poising. August 20th I’m sitting in class thinking English 101A is going to be the same, dumb, boring stuff I already know. I enter collage thinking I know everything. But to my realization, I’m not that smart and this class isn’t going to be easy. Throughout the semester it was extremely difficult writing an essay because it wasn’t like high school anymore. I use to write one copy and turn it in. In English 101 Dr. Mapes make me do several drafts to greaten my paper. I have revised my frsit essay and I saw a savire amont of mustakes. My final essay is to rivise my frst essay and I will talk about how ive improved my knowledge four different ways. I have improved greatly my self, task, judement, and content knowledge throughout the semester. This essay will demonstrate how much I have improved and I will alos compare my frist and last esay to show the diffrece in better quality. I have improved so much myself knowledge so much just by the fact of applying it in my essays. During high school my teachers would encourage me to prewrite, draft and revise but I rebelled and did things my wa. I guess I learned the hard way but I applied more and more myself knowledge as the semester progressed. My first essay I did what I did during high school. I didn’t prewrite, nor did I revise but my grade reflected on it. My last essay it used myself knowledge to the
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