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What is attachment? Value 1 mark ➢ A concept based on principles of ethological theory. ➢ Attachment to a caregiver over the first year of life has important consequences: ➢ Positive and secure attachment results in positive development. ➢ Negative and insecure attachment results in problematic development. 1. According to behaviourists, how is language learned? Value 1 mark Just another behaviour involving chains of responses or imitations. 2. Knowing that you are taking a life-span development psychology class, your neighbour asks you “should I tell my child that she was adopted?” How would most psychologists respond? Value 1 mark Consensus among psychologists is that adopted children should be told that they are adopted. 3. What is infantile amnesia? What explanation is given for this? Value 2 marks Most adults cannot remember anything from the first 3 years of life, a phenomenon referred to as infant amnesia. 4. Briefly discuss the nature-nurture question. Value 2 marks ➢ Is development primarily influenced by either ← Biological inheritance, or nature? ← Environmental influences and experiences, or nurture 5. According to Erikson, how do children learn to trust? Value 2 marks ➢ A sense of trust requires a feeling of physical comfort and a minimal amount of fear and apprehension about the future. ➢ Trust in infancy sets the stage for a lifelong expectation that the world will be a good and pleasant place. 6. Explain what social referencing is and provide an example. Value 2 marks Involves reading emotional cues in others to help determine how to act in particular situation. 7. Explain the dominant-recessive genes principle and give an example of a dominant characteristic that rules over its recessive

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