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Michael Johnson Mrs. Tiffany Gilliam English 7 1 November, 2011 College is the most important four years of a person’s life. Many seem to skip this time for other personal reasons. I believe it is because they didn’t take the time to go to a college fair. I went to a college tonight, and I learned a lot about colleges that I never thought I would consider. One of the colleges I learned about was Mayors University. Mayor University is a medium sized college in Kentucky. It has a very good Pre-Med program that is important if someone plans to become a doctor. It’s about 13% African American, so the college is giving away full rides with meal plans to minorities with a 21 ACT and a 3.0 GPA unweighted, but it does not have a men’s soccer team. Another college I learned about was Louisville University. It is also in Kentucky, but more towards the middle. It has many of extracurricular activities like: clubs, fraternities, sororities, international seminars, etc. Louisville has a great soccer that lost in the semi-finals against the defending champs, Akron University. Finally, the last college I’m going talk about is The Ohio State University. This school is in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State is the largest college in the U.S. It has every sport you can think of. An interesting fact I learned was that their mascot the “Buckeye”, is actually a nut commonly eaten in Ohio. They also have a great business program. College can be the best four years of someone’s life. Tons of people choose not to attend, but they are missing out. If they would’ve attended a college fair; I believe their minds would’ve changed. I attended a college fair and learned a lot about different colleges. Where will you

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