College Essay: The Life And Death Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X: Life and Death Malcolm Little, more commonly known as Malcolm X, was one of the most inspiring men to ever grace the public during the time of The Civil Rights Movement. His presence was moving and captivating to those who spared the time to listen to his opinions and beliefs. So, to witness his assassination in New York was one of the most difficult experiences I and many other blacks could have ever endured. An important idol and leader was gone in the blink of an eye. Malcolm came from a difficult past of drugs and prison life and his story was one of various things that inspired oppressed African Americans. It comes as a surprise to many people when they are presented with the fact that Malcolm dropped out of school in the 8th grade (Brinkley, 2012). It is sometimes difficult to believe that someone who had such brilliant thoughts and spoke with such conviction had not even completed a high school education. His success was a symbol for many, and it was easy to draw courage from his determination. If Malcolm could overcome the situation that he had originally been in and become an advocate for equality for all, certainly anyone was capable of doing the same. He encouraged citizens to become active participants in The Civil Rights Movement as opposed to simply watching from afar and hoping for the better (Malcolm X, 2013). Few people are capable of captivating an audience and speaking so that a mass of people will understand and be moved to make a difference because of the power of your words, but Malcolm accomplished this with ease. He was vivacious and…show more content…
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