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At the age of four, my parents decided to get divorced. There was absolutely no support from my dad and there wasn’t any money coming in for a while since my dad had moved to Korea and decided to not be a part of the family whatsoever. Since then, everything instantly became a downfall. My both brothers and I had to move to a one bedroom apartment with my mother which was pretty much the only thing she could afford. My mother took two full time jobs and was hardly home. She didn’t have the time to make meals for me, read me my favorite books, or anything that is relevant to that. I really missed the old routines I had with my mom especially just simply talking to her about everything and anything, and that close companion I once had with her. It had never been easy for me to cope with the fact that my parents are no longer together. It was just like yesterday when my whole family had just ate together at the family table, happily laughing and having conversations with one another. began isolating myself towards everyone. My relationship between my family and I greatly My passion and goal is to provide a safe and confidential environment with children and help them through their struggles. being content and doing what i love with the people i love in a place that i feel comfortable and happy, always living with intent and insipiring, touching and enlightening

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