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Essay Question 1 My Educational goals are to go to Seattle Pacific University and get a degree in communications. After graduating, I would like to pursue a career in advertising or public relations. By attending SPU, I believe I can attain these goals. My personal goal is to live in the Seattle area. I have always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest because I love the region and the weather. Another personal goal is to attend a Christian university so I can better establish new Christian relationships, and be in a more comfortable learning environment. Essay Question 2 I have had many involvements and experiences in my life that will enable me to make unique contributions to the SPU community. I was raised in a Christian home, and learned at an early age to help others as opposed to focusing on myself. I have been in 4-H for ten years and have learned many valuable things. Through my projects and the club activities, it has been a well rounded learning experience. I joined the Golden Prairie Baptist Church Youth Group when I was in seventh grade. Along with many fun community projects, we went on two mission trips to Mexico. While in Mexico, we helped build an orphanage and homes. We also learned a lot about how other people live. Since my trips to Mexico, I enjoy doing volunteer work and community service. I am currently working with two friends on a winter clothing drive for the local homeless shelter. I have also had many other life experiences. I teach the four to six year old Sunday school class at my church. I was on the volleyball team for three years of high school. For the last two years, I have helped put together my school yearbook. I started choir and band this year and I really enjoy both. From all of these experiences I learned how to be a team player and work well with people. I have had perfect attendance since
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