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Syra Lopez 11-10-14 College Essay Going to college I think would be a good experience for me and would help me in the future, of course it would be a different environment then what I’m used to and much more difficult but I think it would be worth it. My decision to do this is because I just want to make a good living and be able to live on my own without having to rely on my parents all the time. I also want to learn how to do stuff on my own and have a good education. I’m attending college so I can get a start on my career and have a good future, also I want to see what kind of people I meet and increase my knowledge. I also want to learn a new skill because I want to be a court reporter and they use a specific type of keyboard so it would be cool to learn how to use that type of device. I hope to gain a good job, good education, and a new skill. I hope to go to college for two years to study to be a court reporter; I will study and go to school as long as I need too if I need to go for more than two years. I will also take any classes that I need to take in order for me to pass and get a good education. I think learning how to work that device is challenging enough for me to learn so no matter how difficult It gets I will always challenge myself and try my hardest to pass. In order for me to overcome this I just have to keep trying and trying until I get it right, and just to not ever give up because in the end it will be worth it. For one, I will stay up late studying for tests if I need too. Ask for help from teachers and students if I do not understand what I need to do. Complete all the work that is given to me so it can help me to understand the material more. My first choices in college are possibly Mt. SAC or PCC, any college that has what I want to do

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