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Christopher Lindstrom Mr. Crawford Health 2 December 2010 Birth Story Timeline The morning sickness of my mother’s pregnancy was feelings of nauseated, very bad migraines. My mother’s weight gain for all the trimesters was 23 lbs. total. My parents took the LaMouse class as the birthing preparation class. The food cravings were spicy Mexican foods, pancakes, sausages, tomato soup and orange juice at the middle of the night. My mother stopped working and stayed home when regnant with me, and then went back to work five months later after my birth. The exercise level was good and neutral. The sleeping habits were also good. My mother saw me when I was going by her room and said softly “Christopher”. Both of my parents wanted to be surprise and did not want to know the sex or gender of the baby. The father’s life was worried about the financial costs of the birth. The location of my birth was at the Enloe hospital in downtown Chico, California. My mother’s water did not break because of having a C-section. The contractions started about 12:15 p.m. and were 5-7 minutes apart. My mother was in labor for 5 hours. The length of the delivery was about 5 minutes due to the C-section. There were no pain medications that were given to my mom except for the medication from the nerve block. There were no complications during the day of my birth. My mom stayed a day and a half at the hospital for recovery. My weight when I was born was 7 lbs. and 11 ounces. My length when I was born was 21 inches. My APAGAR score was perfect. My hair color was blonde and had a patch of hair on the top of my head. My eye color were royal blue.

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