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Why Is Education Important? How important is education? Does family issues really affect the way one views education? If so why are or aren’t families taking full advantage of the unlimited financial resources such as federal, state, local, and corporative aid and grants made available to them. Especially since financial aid, grants, and scholarships are becoming so very easy to attain; and careers with rising salaries can provide a much needed boost for our society, economy, and one’s financial stability. With a post secondary education and stable career student loans and other expenses can then be repaid on time. Education has always been a very important aspect of our lives and a tremendous contribution towards the advancement of civilization. It has been passed down from one generation to another in some form throughout history. Therefore this is why education has and will always remain an important factor to every generation. However, it’s safe to say that we now have stronger and smarter societies that will continue to educate and lead future generations. It’s believed that the role of the family in one’s life can determine the way they view and pursue both education and career. If one was raised in a family environment where they witnessed or was even a part of abuse (physical, verbal, and emotional) this can take an effect on their mind and change the way that they’ll view life. This kind of issue can either bring about a negative or positive outlook towards education, because that individual may refuse to try and rise above their personal problems and or they might want just want to disassociate them self from their situation and by doing so educating them self will be a solution to get out of that previous environment. This might even allow them to share and educate others about their experience; whereas the individual who gives up completely is

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