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My desire to learn is a fire that can’t be doused. I was always told that knowledge is power, and I’m determined to attain as much as I can. I also believe that when you dedicate yourself and put forth your best effort in all that you do, success is inevitable. It is with this mindset that I’ve completed my last three years of high school, and the very same mindset, with which, I plan on maintaining during my time in college, and for the rest of my life. When I was younger, I’d always seen college as something you “just do” after high school, but as I’ve gotten closer to climbing those steps to higher learning I’ve realized how vital a college education has become to my future. I don’t have a specific career that I plan on pursuing once I’ve acquired my Bachelor’s Degree of Science in business, but I’m a firm believer of “BYOB” or being your own boss. I know that this experience will, in any way, be easy, but I’m ready and willing to that I posses the qualities necessary to perform with the best of the best; qualities I’m referring to are those such as self-discipline, diligency, and a very strong persistence to complete all tasks. A great affordable college is the first thing that I looked for in my search to find a college for myself and, according to Forbes Magazine, your institution had been named the best public college in New Jersey on they’re “America’s Best Colleges” list. I was also in search of cultural diversity and I found that as soon as I found Montclair. After reading many reviews it became very clear that I was destined to become a Red Hawk. A typical essay may end with me stating how much I’d love to attend you’re institution, a favorite quote, or something else cliché, but this isn’t a typical college essay. I’m going to tell you what I will bring to your school; along with an easy-going personality, a hard working, focused, inquisitive mind,

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