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College Dropouts Essay

  • Submitted by: thorkeane
  • on December 1, 2011
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Causes of High Rate of College Dropouts
It is known that attending a university will not only get you further in life as a whole, but it will also set one up for the opportunity to obtain a good paying job. Almost every high school kid dreams of going to college, but once that dream is realized, they end up dropping out even before they get through their freshman year. And the surprising and sad part of this is that most freshmen and sophomores who drop out have a history of being high achievers in high school with no problem whatsoever breezing through tests and assignments. Unfortunately, it is known that there is a high rate of students who drop out of college every year. The reasons for this vary from student to student. Some of the reasons why students will drop out of college are they are partying too hard, they can’t afford it any longer, their job overcomes them and they focus on that, or just because some students may encounter family problems back home.
Many college freshmen are away from home the first time and not everyone is homesick. Usually there will be parties going on every night, especially for the first few weeks. Because of this, it may be very tempting to go and party all the time. There aren’t any major exams or papers for the first couple of weeks, so one can get a false impression on the difficulties of college. Some students have the tendency to party all the time and enjoy the freedom that college brings without worrying too much about the academic aspect. This leads to poor performances in the classroom and in tests. The balance of a social life and academics is somewhat difficult for a college student. The problem is too much of one destroys the other. The natural choice, of course, is friends and pleasure. Drinking, staying up late, and blowing off classes to the point where the student is too far behind to make up for the slack can lead to expulsion and even a decision from the student themselves to discontinue college.
For many,...

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