College Drinking Essay

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Andrew Sell 5/7/12 Daniel Long WRTG 1150 College Binge Drinking The United States has some of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world but there is a rampant epidemic plaguing these schools. Approximately eighty percent of college students drink alcohol and forty to fifty percent engage in binge drinking, which is defined as four or more drinks at a time for women and five or more drinks at a time for men; almost one-quarter of students report engaging in frequent binge drinking, three or more binge drinking events during a two week period (Prenovost 379). Binge drinking is associated with many negative consequences including; poor performance in school, arguing with friends, engaging in unplanned sexual activities, getting in trouble with the law, alcohol poisoning and death. Although there are a lot of traits that contribute to binge drinking, there are a few that are thought to be the primary cause of this problem; misperceptions of the social norm, Greek-life affiliation, motives underlying students use of alcohol and the stress cause by the transition into college. The problem of excessive college binge drinking originates due to the transition from high school to college along with student’s predisposition to binge drinking during high school; this infers that interventional and informational strategies concerned with reducing binge drinking in college need to be implemented during high school to achieve the maximum amount of success. To truly understand and reduce problematic binge drinking it is first necessary to look at the portion of college students who typically engage in this type of drinking pattern. This has shown to be one of the most difficult aspects faced when attempting to cut down on binge drinking. Many college personnel suspect that the prototypical college binge drinker is; male,

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