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Pronunciating Discuss some of the reasons why someone would want to get a college degree. Living in this new generation you’ll soon learn that things are getting more and more advanced as we progress. Along with that, comes a higher demand on an educational level and more jobs are requiring certain degrees to meet the criteria. Having a degree in 2015 seems to be the only way to have some type of security and sense of stability. Its plenty of reasons to obtain a College Degree such as wanting to be able to take care of your family, being financially stable, having a decent lively hood and even being able to relax in your near future without worrying about tomorrow. As I gotten older into my adolescence stages I soon begin thinking about my life and how I wanted things to be. I love nice clothes, nice cars and the luxuries of inanimate objects. I also know, to obtain these things you have to at least have some sort of reliable income. This is why you must receive a college education. The worst thing that can happen to a man, is not being able to take care of his family. I’m a family man and I grew up believing that the man should be able to take care of the family, he should do whatever he has to do to make sure that their needs are provided for. I plan on doing that, so ill do myself justice and prize myself with a college degree. No one ever said it’ll be easy, but it will most definitely be a wise investment to my future family and me. When I think about my future, I know that I will be in world of stability. It’s a proven fact that when you obtain a college degree that your room for opportunity opens up. You meet new people along the way and you gain access to things that some of society will never know. I believe that this also not only helps you gain riches but it helps you set standards for you family to pass along from generations to

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