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Brianna 9-10-10 Freshman Mr. Simmon Ccp What is volunteering? I’ve never really know what volunteer work was until this project . When Mr. Simon’s gave us students this project I thought it would be easy until I face all the challenges that came with it. Now I realize that volunteering is much more than it seems. I kind of don’t want to grow up now and have to face more challenges like this. Finding out who I was going to volunteer for was easy. I went home and my moms friend was over so I asked her if she needs help with anything and like any human she said yes. Later that night Dania and I discussed that she has some err ions to run on the 20th of august and she could use someone to watch her seven month old child destiny. So on the 20th I went to Diana’s house and baby sat for three hours and forty-eight minutes . During that time I had to feed destiny and change her several times . This experience has showed me lot of things how much it takes to take care of a baby let alone a child. Also it has showed me what it would be like to have a job like this. This type of volunteering I don’t mind due to the fact I love children. There where something’s I didn’t like .One thing I didn’t like was giving the baby a bath ,because my sisters friend had a seizure well about to give the baby a bath and dropped the baby and the child died and she’s in jail for eleven more years . This is one of my biggest fears in my life due to that story. Besides that I liked all parts of my volunteer work. The best

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