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My name is Domonique R Jones. I was born November 29, 1989 in Augusta Georgia. I attended Glenn Hills High School for four years. I graduated May 28, 2009. When I was in High School I participated in lot of activities like JNROTC, football, track, and also the Japanese Club. After I graduated May 2009, my plans were to go to college or to the military, those were the only two options to I had at the time. I took time off of work to study for the ACT. When the time came for me to take it, I was ready for it. Test day rolled around June 12, 2009. The test was given at Augusta State. I was really confident that I did great on it. As soon as I got my result four weeks later. I have received a score of seventeen composition test score. I was hoping that I got a seventeen so I could go the Savannah State. Later on, I was on the phone with the admission lady. I asked her do I have all the requirements to attend Savannah State. Miss. Johnson answered no because I failed to score at less a seventeen on the ACT. You must have a seventeen in English, Math, Science, and Reading. I was highly upset that I missed it by a point. In English I scored a seventeen, Math nineteen, Science eighteen and Reading fifty teen! Because of Reading I couldn’t attended. Two years ago I was looking forward to going to Savannah State, because it has a Navy ROTC Program. I have always wanted to go to schools that have both navy and marines. Why? My High School is a Navy ROTC. I have learned a lot about the navy and marines corps there. Deep down I always wanted to become a marine. I have great pride in what they do for our county. On top of that my teacher SSGT. Jenkins was in the Marine Corps, He is now retired. He was like A farther to me. He taught me so much how to stand up and speak out loud, show me how to make better choose, and more importantly we give me confidence, that I was

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