College Bookstores Essay

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Thirty-two year old Kelly was just laid off at her job; she had worked there for 15 years as an office assistant for a small real estate company. Not knowing what to do, Kelly started new and enrolled it college to follow her life long dream of become a nurse. Kelly already had a degree in Business, but needed a change. While signing up for classes at a near by college, Kelly ran into a problem. She is told by the financial aid office that she can’t receive any financial aid because she has too many course credits under here belt from her past degree. The story above seems to be the same problems that many college students are facing today. Not only is tuition getting more expensive, but the colleges and university bookstores are making the financial burden of school ten times more difficult for students. Anymore these days, a college student can expect to pay around 100 to 200 dollars for each class just in textbooks at the bookstore. The problem arises when the college bookstores up charge the books they sell so that they can make a profit. While understanding that the bookstore is a business and needs to make a profit to operate, I still feel there are ways around the increased textbook cost for college student. The prices of college textbooks have almost tripled from the year 1986 to 2004 because textbooks are not like they use to be. More resent textbooks are gaining value because of the CD-ROMs, Web sites, and Workbooks that are now coming with the books (Post). There are many other options out there for college bookstores to adopt that would save students money when buying course materials. The ones I am going to talk about are the ones that I feel are the easiest and most logical solutions to the problem of college and university bookstores overpriced textbooks. These solutions will offer an economical alternative to students paying too much
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