College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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College Athletes I do believe that college athletes should start getting paid. They should be getting paid a great amount of money. I say this because they are putting there neck out on the line for that college. Also, I say this because they are getting hurt playing the sport they love are trying too major in. Another reasons would have too be, the college is getting a lot of money every time there college team win. The way I see it is why should you get the money if you are not the one out there breaking your neck on the field, so you can win a game. Last, I think it will play off for all the hard work the athletes put in for the team and the couch. That will show the athletes that they are doing a great job and to keep up all…show more content…
It will also show your future players that you care about all there hard work, knowing people they would love that. Another reasons I say that should get paid is because all of there hard work. I truly and honestly believe should get paid for are rewarded in some type of way. How would you feel you feel if you play your hardest in a college game are match, and all you get is a slap on the butt, hand claps & smiles are a high five? You will most likely be like it is not even worth me doing all this hard work. If this is going to be the only thing I will receive for all of my hard work. Also, if the athletes get paid for there hard work it will show the player that you care about them being on the team. And that you will do anything in your power to keep them on the team. It will also show the player that he is greatly needed on the team and that he are she was specially chosen to be in the spot there in. it will also make the player feel wanted and needed in a way. To sum it all up hard work deserves to be paid and notice. Hard work is a choice and I think the athletes should get paid for making that choice. Next, it is hard sometimes to show people that you are the best and you are trying your best. What other way is there to get repaid other than by getting paid? Of a college do not take this onto consideration than that is them. I do believe athletes should get

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