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Athletes Getting Paid to Play College Athletics Currently, college athletes around the nation do not get paid for playing at their respective universities. These athletes put in hours of vigorous hard work and dedication to their sport whether it is the off-season or during season; the training never stops. In addition to practices, athletes are required to maintain a certain grade point average while being enrolled in the university as a full-time student. Not only do these athletes have to work hard on the field, but they also have to hit the books and keep their grades up. The efforts and time that are invested into participating in a college sport prove to be equivalent to the commitment of holding a paid part-time job as a student. It is illegal to pay these student athletes for playing their sport in college however, I propose that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) should change the current law and pay their athletes. The efforts that athletes dedicate to their sport are often overlooked by the public. Here is what a typical day looks like for an athlete: At about six-thirty on a Monday morning, the athletes are rudely awakened by the high-pitched beeping sound of their alarm clocks. They rush into the shower and report to the cafeteria for breakfast at seven. To keep in good shape, breakfast is not cereal or pancakes, but instead a healthy mixture of fruits and oatmeal. From eight to one, they attend classes and receive lectures from their professors. The professors stress the significance of studying and the importance of reading in order to understand the material and ultimately be successful in the class. At one-thirty, they gear up for afternoon practice, which starts at two and ends at five. Dinner is served at five-thirty and weight-room workouts commence at seven. At eight-thirty, weight-room is done and their days are

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