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Difference between college and casual writing There is a huge difference between college and causal writing, with college writing there are rules and guidelines you have to follow, casual writing you can free write and say or do anything you want to. I find myself trying to casual write all the time simply because I text all the time, and so when I write I have the tendency to write like I speak or abbreviate most of my words. But with college writing there are rules you must follow in order to have a great paper here are seven. #1 – everything depends on the thesis, position, stand, argument. #2 – write with intension, write with a plan, and grab the reader attention. #3 – write in formal language, choose your words carefully, and avoid abbreviations. #4 – be specific, stick to the topic, don’t start of saying one thing and end talking about ten. #5 – cite your sources, give credibility when due. #6 – be concise #7 – don’t use “I” (or “We” or “You”) leave behind personal experience. Identify the step from this week’s reading that you need to work on Of all the steps listed there is one in which I feel need improvement, that step would be editing/proof reading. I chose this step because of all of them I find myself skipping over this one the most. After I write something I don’t spend much time going over it, I may look over it real fast before turning it in but not to notice any errors. The importance of editing/proof reading is to correct things such a grammar, misuse of words, and fragments throughout the paper. (3) The actions items that you will do to work on this

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