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LESSON PLAN / WEEK 1 UNIT 1 SUNDAY CLASS: 2 SIDDIQ 8.45 – 9.45 2 AMANAH 10.15 – 11.1545es /ure , /oidanceen (60MINUTES) 11th Jan.2015 | LESSON 1 ( LISTENING AND SPEAKING ) | | THEME World of knowledge | | TOPICHurray! We are back | | INTRODUCTION: This lesson focuses on listening and speaking. Pupils should be able to pronouns words with correct pronunciation. | | CONTENT STANDARD1.1 By the end of the 6- year primary schooling, pupils will be able to apply knowledge of sounds of letters to recognize words in linear and non-linear text | | LEARNING STANDARD 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance. 1.2.1 Able to participate in daily conversations: a) Exchange greetings. | | OBJECTIVESBy the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: a) Pronounce words with correct stress, rhythm and intonation of the phonemes perfectly.b) Introduce themselves to others. | | ACTIVITIES: a) Teacher greets the pupils. b) Teacher introduces herself then let the pupils do the same. c) Teacher talks about the assembly about the new teachers. How to introduce themselves to others. d) Pupils listen to the teacher read the dialogue in the textbook. e) Pupils practice the dialogue with guidance. f) Pupils practice the dialogue in pairs, ask and answer by holding the sentence strip. g) Pupils match the dialogue strips to the answers and write it. | | ADDED VALUE Pupils will know how to introduce themselves to others. | | REFLECTIONS | LESSON 1) SUNDAY CLASS: 2 BIJAK TIME : 8.45 – 9.4545es /ure , /oidanceen (60MINUTES) 12th Jan.2014 | LESSON 1/ FOCUS ( 1LISTENING AND SPEAKING ) | | THEME

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