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Essay: Recovering a Lost Customer As a student, you are a customer of Brann Community College. In the tenth week of your Customer Service class you notice a significant decrease in student class participation. It seems that 50% of your class has defected from the course. Use the four steps in Recovery of a Lost Customer to try to retain a fellow student to continue to participate in your class. Discuss the four steps using a dialog. If I notice a drastic decrease in class participation after ten weeks in my customer service class at Brann Community College, I would try to engage the active participating students in dialog along with my professor to see if perhaps we can come up with a motivational technique so that everyone can finish the class strong. Once given the okay to do this, I would send an email to the first classmate on my list and I would start off by introducing myself to the student and tell them that I always looked for their discussion board replies because they always had very interesting view points in regard to specific topics that always seemed to engage my brain. Then I would say that I am no longer seeing that they are actively involved in the course and as if there is anything that I could do to assist them as a classmate. Hopefully, the classmate responds to my email and after carefully reading and paying attention to their text, I would make sure that the tone of my next email is very friendly and ask if it is okay to contact them and be sort of a cheerleader until we get to the end of class. I would also show empathy and understanding and tell them that I was once in their shoes and the only thing that got me through was the support of my professors and classmates. I would offer suggestions of things that helped me and stress the importance of communicating with the professor for extensions on assignments and projects. After a

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