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Everybody Has a Story Everybody has a story. Where they came from, who was involved in their lives, what happened in their lives, and how they become the person they are today. Growing up, my family was nowhere near where we are today. I lived in a small, blue-gray, one-story home with a father who worked overtime and a mother who worked two jobs. But, I never felt like I had anything less in the world. My parents never let me. They taught me to always be happy with everything that I have. That being said, religion has been a significant characteristic of my family. In Hinduism, there is a goddess named Lakshmi. She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. In the Indian culture, whenever a daughter is born into the family, it is said that she is the form of Lakshmi being brought into the home. My father always tells me that I am the “Lakshmi” of the house because a few years after I was born, our lives completely changed. My father started his own business, my mom became a wonderful housewife, and we moved to a beautiful suburban area. We lived the life that my parents never expected to live. However, the one hundred and eighty revolution in our lives meant something much bigger than having a more luxurious life. It taught me the value of money, the value of being more privileged, and most importantly the value of being blessed. It has given me the opportunity to appreciate every little thing in life so much more than I used to. Everyday, I wake up reminding myself to be thankful of everything that I have today. Everyday, I wake up reminding myself that my sole goal is to change other peoples’ lives for the better. Most importantly, being considered my family’s “Lakshmi” has shaped me to be everything that I am today and everything that I hope to be one day. On a lighter note, I was the first born of my generation. I was pampered, mollycoddled, and spoiled to

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