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There are countless reasons why people attend college or a university. Many might say the reason why they are in college is for financial stability for their future, or to further their education for the career they aspire. Needless to say, attending college provides an increase in financial stability. However, not everyone who starts college finishes their studies. Not only is paying for a good education a challenge, but the pressure to perform academically without the fear of failure, and also being able to balance time, are all stressors for college students. There is no easy road map that will direct students to success, but having the ability to get through college and accomplish their educational goals is a reward in itself. It is up to a student to measure his or her own successes and the challenges they go through to succeed. In the long run, the journey makes the ride through college meaningful. Despite the different reasons why people attend college, there will always be positive and negative pressures along the way. Students face a great deal of stress dealing with their academic performances. For instance, coursework can be very demanding and the competition for earning top marks can be extremely relentless. As students see their peers succeeding, it influences them to increase individual academic performance, in combination with their own preset high goals and aspirations driving them to continually outdo what they have done in the past. Students are setting their standards higher than needed for their grades, and they also put too much pressure on themselves on solely focusing on getting good grades. Students who want to do their best and who are planning to apply for admission to graduate school can be under a great deal of pressure as they struggle to excel in school. The same is true for those who are seeking scholarship funding or who must keep

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