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Presents Test Anxiety! And How to Deal With It Effectively What is Test Anxiety? • • • • My head feels like it‟s in a clamp. My stomach hurts. I‟m sweating. I studied this stuff yesterday, why can‟t I remember? • I can‟t think! My mind is blank! • As soon as I leave the test, I remember everything. Where does it come from? • Well, there is some good news and some not so good news First, the Good News • There are two pieces of good news: – 1. Test anxiety is not genetic. – 2. Test anxiety is something you‟ve learned to do and it can be unlearned. Now, the other news. • You have spent a lot of time learning and practicing how to be anxious about tests. • But, before we learn something new, there are few things to remember first. Some Anxiety is Good for You • Look at this chart - What does it mean? • Everyone needs some “stress” to perform at the peak of their abilities. Initially, as stress increases, performance improves. • But, if stress keeps increasing, there comes a point where it is too overwhelming and your performance declines. This is when you experience “test anxiety”. “The Zone” • The best place to be on this chart for optimal performance is in the middle. Athletes call this “the zone”. »   “Take me to „the zone!‟” • There are a number of factors that can increase your performance. In each case, we will be working on reducing stress to get you back into the zone. • 1. Physical factors - take care of your body • 2. Rehearsal - practice new skills • 3. Thought - imagine what you want and how you would like to be Physical Factors #1 Take care of yourself • Good health is key for optimal performance. – Eating right, sleeping right, and exercising all help your body to be prepared to be able to work. – Not abusing your body also helps - using alcohol or drugs (including caffeine) that alter your natural

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