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Dear Ms. Love, College life is an experience a person could never forget. The memories of high school will always remain in a college students mind, but there are so many other issues to deal with while attending college. Stress is the main thing once you’re in college it becomes clearer to understand the full meaning of what it is to stress. In high school you use the word so often you don’t even know what it really means until you’re in college experiencing it. There are some things that are similar to home life and college life. College life may seem adventurous, but every college student knows exactly how good it feels to go back home. If you haven’t matured through high school you most definitely will once you’re in college. Well hopefully... With all the stress and responsibilities you’ll have you might not have a choice. Being that I would like to become a MD at Florida State University and live on a campus apartment I would have a lot of responsibilities, just as if you’re home you have to take care of the place, study for exams, working as an RN at Celebration Hospital, etc. My hands will be pretty full I doubt I would have time for parties but who knows maybe if I plan my schedule accordingly I could have at least a break every now and then. You can’t always work there has to be breaks or your brain wont function right. It needs a break every now and then to relax and refresh and that’s usually when you take a weekend and go home to a home cooked meal because you sure won’t get that at college. Overall college life will take a little stress off of you if you have your priorities right if not you would only be hurting yourself by not being organized the right way. I would definitely take breaks and drive 5 hours back home just for a home

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