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This article discusses speech codes on college campuses. I personally did not realize these existed. The codes reduce the rights of the First Amendment for faculty and students. I understand that words can be hurtful and offensive, but wouldn’t this be covered under the rules of bullying? As college students we are all adults. Also speech is very subjective and can easily be skewed and misunderstood. This is especially problematic when conversing through text, which is why in tandbook I found a section for online course etiquette. It mentions not to type in all caps because it will appear as though you are shouting. It also states: “Make sure you are sensitive to those who may read your comments when talking about your work environment or coworkers. Explain ideas clearly and concisely. Remember that non-verbal cues such as body language, vocal tone, and facial expressions are absent, so there is greater potential for misunderstandings.” I think these are good tips and I am happy that I didn’t find a speech code in the SNHU handbook. On the other hand,while we should obviously work to make sure that campuses are learning environments accessible for all students, restrictions on speech interfere with a student's ability to learn. These policies harm the learning environment by restricting the dialogue between students and faculty. Rather than having an open dialogue on campus, there’s an atmosphere of censorship and sensitivity - students and faculty often feel they have to walk on eggshells to make sure they don’t offend anyone around

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