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Coming in to college as a freshman was a scary thought, as most incoming freshman might expect. I knew that it was my time to show what I was capable of and I was determined to do my absolute best in each and every class to succeed and achieve the goals that I am after. I did not know, however, that some of the classes were going to be a bit challenging. To keep me going and to thrive to do the best I can, I kept telling myself that this will all pay off in the long run. I initially went from being nervous and scared about me having a chance of not getting far enough to reach any goals, to accepting the hard work that I would have to put into it to succeed. I was the first person in my whole family to attend college, which made me realize that college would be a big milestone in my life. Independence for me, is where I have achieved the most in college, because I would only depend on myself to get things done that needed to be done. Some students believe that college would be too difficult because its completely different from any previous schools that they have attended. I myself was one of those students. I was nervous that the classes were a bit more difficult for me, especially ones that I knew nothing about, for example Nutrition 101. Since that class was a college level course, I thought that I would already have to know certain things. It was scary to know that these last years of education are the ones, in my opinion, that count the most because after these last years, I will be on my way to the career that I have been passionate about. I Kept reminding myself that I would have to put in my all to achieve success in the future. I had no problem doing so, because I was a very determined student who wanted to grow and look back at my college years and acknowledge that my hard work in college got me where I always envisioned; It got me to my dreams. None of

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