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How can being sexually abused by your father psychologically affect a woman? Psychology 101 Prof. Vazquez March 23, 2011 Sexual abuse is when it is non-consensual. The person who is sexually abusing you can be a person you trust. There is many ways you can describe sexually abuse it is always non-consensual, but it can also be physical, emotional. When affecting someone physically they will most likely have bruising, cuts from the force of the person making them have non-consensual sex. Sexual abuse affect the person being abused by making them believe it is right after forcing them to hide the secret for so long. Incest is sexual intercourse within the family. Although it is seen as very wrong which I believe it is, sometimes the two people have sex believe it is not wrong. I know a girl who was having intercourse with her father since she came to the United States from El Salvador at the age of fourteen; it was never known until she was about nineteen. She believed she was in love with her father because she had never met him before then and she never saw him as a father figure, but that man of her life. In the article “Is father-daughter incest always rape” by Tracy Clark-Flory; Tracy says that Mackenzie’s blackout incidents are clearly rape. She is believed to have Stockholm syndrome where she believes she is in live with the person who is abusing her. This proves that being emotionally abused can make a women believe that it was always right and never wrong to do. Like one part of the article says she did not grow up with her father and thought nothing wrong about what she was doing, is like what I said about the girl I know. Symptoms of sexual abuse can vary depending on the situations of abuse and the way the people react to them. Some symptoms are isolation from the family, role reversals

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