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Part 1: Describe I am a college student at Test Drive It is an easy way to determine what path I want to take in my education. I can log into test drive college whenever I am free and do my work. I don't have a curtain time I have to be in class. I have freedom. Until it is time to turn my work in of course. It gives me a taste of how college will be if I decide to go to college online. It is a great, free college course to help you see what college online will be like. After I take this course I will be able to determine whether college online is right for me. Part 2: Narrate This morning I woke up and I ate cereal for breakfast. When I finished my breakfast I went online and read what assignment I had to do this week. I will then write down my assignment for the week and I divided my work into days. I put my binder in the closet with my papers and I go to my job. My manager asks me every day "How's your classes going?" "Great!!" I say, and we continue to work. Not much conversation or fun go on at my job, unless my friend Jeremiah comes by. So after I finish work I go to my second job. I don't involve myself in any conversation or fun in my second job. I know all that comes from that, is trouble. After I finish there I go to my house and I do my work for the day on paper. Through the week my routine is pretty much the same. On around Friday I will type up all my work and turn it in. and finish my quiz on saturday. By Sunday I have all my work turned in and I am free until the next week. Part 3: Exemplify I know you will recognize this from the lecture but it is true. College is apart of my everyday life. Even on Sunday I still have to think about my work. I have to make sure I have enough time to do my work during the week. On sunday I have to plan out my week so I can have time set aside for my class work. And I have to make sure

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