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The Effects of the Steady Increase in the Cost of going to College The number of schools asking for a tuition fee increase augments abruptly. While it seems like more and more colleges are spending lavishly to increase their prestige, it would be nice to know where all this tuition money is going. Several reasons were considered why universities implement a tuition fee hike. First, activities directly related to instruction. This includes faculty salaries and benefits, office supplies, administration of academic departments, and the proportion of faculty salaries going to departmental research and public service. Colleges’ goal is to make sure that their doors remain open and they don't sacrifice the quality of education. They cannot make cuts that will damage educational opportunity. They had to increase tuition by 2 to 3 percent annually to help prevent faculty salaries from slipping behind those at other leading universities. Keeping faculty happy is critical to retaining them. Favorable Corps of Professors are maintained; justly, the school provides what is due to them. Thus, the students pay their fair share to what the school is giving them. Academic Support also counts. Activities that support instruction, research, and public service, including: central academic administration and curriculum and course development. Universities face increasing pressure to bid for the various resources that facilitate the quest for high academic support. These pressures have spawned numerous positional arms races that have already proved extremely costly, and promise to become more so. Competition among schools is inevitable. Catching students’ attention is highly considerable. While the race benefits individuals who get admitted, it works to the disadvantage of the group because it inflates expenses. Increase in marketing to enhanced career counseling and job

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