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College is the next step for graduating high school students, but it is also the first step on the pathway to adulthood. Students in high school shouldn’t wait until their last year of school to determine what they will be in the future or where they will go to reach their career goal. That is why I am applying for this amazing opportunity. It’s important for all students to pursue a higher education and take advantage of available resources to get ready for college, but I believe it’s especially important for minorities. Achieving a higher education for minorities is very important to me. It’s important to me that students continue their education because it show and proves to adults that young adults are capable of achieving great things in their lives on their own.. Also continuing to college helps minorities gain responsibility and a learning experience in what we call “the real world”. Without a higher education beyond a high school diploma you won’t be able to learn all the fundamentals of the career you choose for yourself. Without getting a college degree it will be challenging to get a job to make money, especially in this economy. At the school I attend they have many different resources to get students prepared for college. Duarte High School offers Advanced Placement classes to students in grades 10-12, ROP classes that give students college credits, and science and math programs offered through Citrus College. Also Citrus College offers classes for students in high school that they would like to take. This semester I am currently taking two Advanced Placement classes and a ROP class. Taking these classes is helping me experience how college courses will be, but also a first hand on how my future in college should look like and

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