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Andrea Carter Kasson T/R 8:56 English 1301 6 October 2010 College Conclusion In Angleton High School, it is most student’s dream to graduate from high school and get a better education at a college level. When most students were younger everyone always asked them what college they wanted to go to, and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their only reply was they did not know. They thought that college was too far away to think about, and that they had plenty of time to figure out all the minor details later on in life. Their senior year quickly arose and now they have to make a decision about college. One thing was certain; Student athlete’s would go and play a sport for the college they were planning to attend so they could get a free or cheaper education. The process of choosing the right college is not as easy as many students think. A student was being heavily recruited to play basketball for Dartmouth University and McNeese State University. The four major factors of choosing Dartmouth or McNeese State would be how many relatives they had close to the college or the distance away from home, the weather in the city, the counseling service available, and the price of going to the school. Based on these criteria’s, McNeese state is the best school for a student athlete to attend and play a sport. When choosing between Dartmouth University and McNeese State there are many things a student must consider before making their final decision. Some students want to visit their family members when they are away from home and in school. Most families live in the same area so it is possible that the student has no family near Dartmouth. McNeese is much closer to Texas, and it shares a border with Texas so it is more likely that a student may have some relatives in Louisiana. When a student has never been away from their family their

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