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Journal #1 Starting college is a big step on my life but just thinking about college makes me extremely anxious and happy. I'm also afraid I won't do well in my classes, I know it’s really hard and it’s a lot of class work and homework , I did pretty well in high school and know I'm prepared but I can't seem to calm down. The thought of having to make all new friends again and just a new school in general is scary. I have been noticing the big differences between high school and college; here in college we don’t have age barriers. In high school I didn't socialize with other year levels. Since starting with college a week ago my perspective of "old" and "young" has also really changed. Other aspect I have heard is that I am going to be surrounded by thousands of people rather than the few hundred from my high school and that sometimes can be really scary. Besides all the negative aspects, I really like college, specially the bridge program, starting with all the support that I have from the counselors, I know they are there for me if I need them, it’s a bless for me, because they are professionals and I am new and inexperienced so it’s a tranquility on my mind just the fact that my counselors are there to help me. It has been very comforting for me that I haven’t had problems socializing as I thought. I made friends during my writing class, when we were all asked to pair up or work in groups of three we exchanged our information and everything, or like when we play the ice breaker games all those little things had a really tricky because it make us socialize and I know that it’s part of the program when the teachers ask us to do groups activities, so we can get more involved not only with the school, but with your partners as well, I also found that simply by introducing yourself to whoever sits beside you in class is an easy way to make new

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