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College Essay

  • Submitted by: mavrickoms
  • on November 24, 2008
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College has a different meaning depending of the person who thinks about his future. American colleges have been created since over forty years now, and many statistics show how students seem to like it or not. However, the thinking has change over forty years and different goals appear in the mind of new students. That’s why, one of the major questions today is: “Do students need to go to college or not?” Thanks to the text titled “College is a waste of time and money” from Caroline Bird, I will cheer my opinion and explain why I disagree with what she wrote.
Caroline Bird wrote this text in to explain how college isn’t important and provides many reasons to avoid it. I agree to only a couple of things cited in her text but many to which I strongly disagree. That’s why I am going to bring forward my contrasting opinion, to the main ideas presented in the text. First of all, Bird gives examples from 1970; I’m forced to say that today in 2008 College thought has change in many ways. However my opinion can differ from other students, but as foreign college student, I will try to prove why I went to Edmonds Community College. The first reason is when she cites,” students are sad because there are not needed” because “there is no room for so many newly minted 18 years olds”. It’s kind or hard to believe because usually student start college around 18 years old because they most of time get there high school diploma around 18, and it’s not enough education to plan a nurse career. That’s why they send them to college because they need at least two years of nurse class and graduate. In addition to that, I also found in another text from David brook titled” The organization kids” that college was usually common to go before university. As he says:” at least a modest degree of participation in college-years protest was very nearly mandatory”.   Then Brooks also add “Now 28 percent of college freshman say they feel that way”. I just use these two quotes to show that...

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