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The college life is a lot to handle for a young adult, especially when they get out of high school and realize they have a lot of more freedom than what they did. They don’t realize that they are stepping out in to the real world now, and they are looked at as adults. I’m going to talk about why I think certain things can cut down on college students’ expenses and will save them from becoming the typical broke college kid. My first point would be for them to cut down going out to eat and use their meal card as much as possible. When college kids get out on their own they like to spend a lot of their money on dining outside of the campus. What would be smart is for them to use their meal cards and will save them money. The meal card is pretty much free meals for you because your parents are going to pay for it anyways. Majority meal plans allow you to eat 15 times per week. That can add up to be about 3 meals a day (which is what your suppose to have) if you’re only staying for the week. That pays dividends if you go out to eat almost everyday and spend like 10 or 20 dollars each time. My second point is for them to car pool. If you have good friends that live in your city or around, I would ask them to try and work some kind of schedule to where the two of you guys could car pool and save money for gas. With gas sky-rocketing here in the last couple years it could really hurt you money wise if your always having to put gas in your tank. The smart thing for you to do would be car pool and you pay like every other week. That alone could save you every bit of 50 dollars every two weeks. My third point is to not spend money on unnecessary expenses. If you don’t think you need it don’t get it, or at least cut it down a little bit. College kids spend so much money on alcohol or other things. If you would calculate the expenses of a

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