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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” This quotation by Robert Collier is what made me motivated to be in school. Understanding that learning is life long will be in our everyday lives. We all go through a life learning experience. Through that life learning experience we learn the consequences of all the decisions we make. We learn from the good and bad decisions we make. In life you will learn many things through day by day no matter how old you are. Religion, family, school, and work are just some of the examples in our lives that give us the knowledge to make life long decisions. The reason why I said religion is because we learn that faith is important to all of us. Religion always guided me to make the smart decisions. Religion also taught me to never do something if the consequences are severe. Family and school teach you the values that you need to become a better person. Work teaches you responsibility and how to become more independent with the money that you earn. Staying on task is another way how life learning is in our everyday lives. Staying on task means to perform your duties and focusing. Never lose focus because losing focus can cause bad habits of not staying on task. Staying on task will lead me to reach my goals. In order to learn I can’t fall off track. If I miss any steps it can mislead me to reaching my goal. It is important to follow your goals by making short-term goals. Than you make long-term goals after you have completed the small-term goals. All of this will lead you to become successful and the life that you always wanted will finally come to you. The word diversity means the difference in people’s lives such as culture, religion, and race. A different culture in the U.S. is what makes it so diverse to the other countries around the world. Everybody in the U.S. has ancestors who are from different

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