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College 101 is a class at Moraine Valley Community College that is to help many students, like myself, discover their potential in learning and in life. Being a full time student at Moraine, I attend a College 101 class once a week, during my eight week class I have learned value things that I can apply while being in college. My college 101 class helped me understand diversity; that learning is lifelong; and the values of planning ahead and having goals in my classes as well as in life. One thing that many college students learn when they enter an environment is that not everyone around is alike .Colleges and universities are the one place in the world there people from all different ethnic backgrounds come together for many purposes. In one of my classes we were asked to stand up and talk about ourselves for two minutes. I learned that students in my class were all different…show more content…
In order for a person to build a strong relationship with a person who is different from them the two people involved in the relationship need to both have an open mind. An open mind allows others to interact with people with a different culture, religion, age and gender. Open mindedness also allows an individual to see others as individuals as well. In my college experience I have learned that people\ will respect a person more if they are treated like an individual rather than a group of beings. Before this class I used to be the girl who would judge other people without even knowing them. I would judge everyone I would see and assume I know their life. All of my judgments I made on the first day of class of College 101 has gone out the window. I met everyone in my class. And I was wrong about all of them. Everyone has a reason for why they act and how they look. I learned that everyone is just trying to find themselves and where they belong, even

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