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Essay 1 As I was completing the application for GCSU, I was asked in one of the essays to describe what I would add to the school that makes me different from any other applicant. I wrote and rewrote my response multiple times just trying to get the right mixture of bragging and humility, only to waste more paper. As I continued to write, it became clearer to me: this essay is all based on my confidence. It is based on how confident I am that I will make a difference. How confident I am that I am not just another applicant. This new outlook has allowed me to write this essay, knowing that I am more just one of the thousands. As I enter the student body of GCSU, I am confident in the impact I will make. Whether it be to my peers or my teachers, I will be able to look back and know that I made a difference. To me, making a difference is all that really matters. I have been from local trailer parks to spinal rehabilitation centers to third world countries just trying to show them that someone really cares. I am by no means a modern day Jesus or Ghandi reincarnate. I don't deserve a star on the concrete just so others will know that I was there. All I need is to be able see the difference that I know I can make in the lives of my peers. I may be just one of the thousands, but I am one out of a thousand who is willing to make a difference. Essay 2 The one outstanding goal for my life is to look back and know that I made a difference in someone's life. Out of all the people and experiences that have changed my life, my art teachers throughout my time in middle school and high school have played the biggest part in making me the man I am. They have shown me how to express myself and show others the experiences that have shaped the way I view the world. They have taught me how to put my emotions on a canvas, and how to turn that canvas into the masterpiece that

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