The Collector Alternate Ending and Reflection

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The assignment was to write an alternate ending and a response to John Fowles "The Collector." The Collector-Alternate Ending I was able to bribe a chemist for some penicillin. You can do stuff like that when you have all kinds of money. I took it home to Miranda. She looked very awful. She had pretty much sweat through all of her clothes and had terrible shivers. I took her upstairs since she wouldn't really be able to run away without me catching her. She was weak enough for me to handle before and now she is especially weak. She was delirious, she kept on saying get the doctor, get the doctor. She kept on calling for people she knew like Minny who was her sister an G.P. which I thought stood for General Practitioner, but turned out to mean that boy the papers had talked about before. I took care of her. I gave her the penicillin and sponged off her sweat. It felt good like that. All of the feelings I had for her in the first place came back, like the stuff from the other night never happened. She wasn't just like any other woman any more, she was my Miranda again. It took a while for the penicillin to do anything. There were times when I thought she would buy the farm, as they say, but she kept on saying, “I don't want to die” which I think helped in addition to the penicillin. After a while she started to look better. Her voice was still a little sing-song, as they say, but she was sweating a lot less and seemed to know where she was. “Caliban,” she said which is what she calls me sometimes then she changed her mind and called me Ferdinand like I like. “Come here, please.” she said. I walked over from the chair I was sitting in to her bed with the sponge and a glass of water in case she wanted me to get rid of the sweat again or needed something to drink. I read once that being sick could make a person really dehydrated. “Please, just

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