Collective Bargaining Agreement Essay

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Collective Bargaining is a process in which the representatives of the employer and employees meet and attempt to negotiate a contract governing the employer- employee union relationship (Fisher, Schoenfeldt & Shaw, 2004). The collective bargaining process has always been known for its outcome, as it always ends up determining the relationship between the union and the employer in regard to wages, benefits, hours and working conditions, etc. The process of collective bargaining involves three steps: * Preparation for Negotiation: It involves preparation to negotiate a contract. Both the parties should interpret the contract completely to identify the loopholes. Once the parties are ready with their evidence, they should construct a strong and logical argument to be presented for negotiation. * 
Negotiation: The negotiation process begins with submission of the demands of the trade union to the management. The management starts negotiation at a different level, like in some situations, offering something less than what it has in mind. Negotiation results into a mutually acceptable agreement. 

 * Contract Administration: Contract administration determines the future of industrial relations in the firm by preventing disputes. One of the key elements of a contract is the When both of the parties, in this case, management & union, cannot agree on a solution, there is a requirement for the involvement of a third party, who has always been called the arbitrator. The arbitrator helps the parties resolve their differences and reach an agreement. If conciliation is not reached, the arbitrator issues a decision after hearing both the parties. 

 It is noteworthy that the arbitrator does not have formal authority to impose a solution in a labor dispute. If no agreement is reached and either or both the parties decline to abide by the decision of

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