Collecting the Contemporary Essay

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Deconstructing Essay ‘Collecting the Contemporary’ This essay will discuss and evaluate the approaches that Sue Pritchard uses throughout and if there are any problems that occur, if any other alternative approach could have been used. It will analyse the primary source material and gives example of other topics. Giving Full evaluation of the text making sure all arguments are supported and finally linking the idea of the approach to my own practise and how they can all link together. Pritchard uses the approach of Museology the discipline of museum design, organization and management. She explains the incompetent of traditional categories of collection and the meaning when applied to contemporary art. Pritchard grasps the meaning of collection as the essay begins ‘Our remit is to ensure that these collections are held in a trust for the nation, so that those who come after us can make sense of the past and try to understand the people, customs, and value systems related to the material held in our institutions.’(Pritchard, (2005), Para 1 ,pg70). This therefore explains what the purpose of collection is, so that people who visit museums and institutions of collections can understand the past life but this can only be understood due to organisation. Organisation and categorization is a vital key within this as it lets the viewer relate and understand. Pritchard if therefore explaining that putting traditional and contemporary collections together cannot be done, curators need to show a good understanding of contemporary in order for audiences to understand. To categorise contemporary collections is impossible due to contemporary being so broad.’ Objects where arranged according to their material base and these arrangements where replicated in the creation of specific museum collections and departments (furniture and woodmark, textiles and dress, Prints, drawings
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