Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay

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Collapse of the Soviet Union The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 took about 70 years, which resulted in the Soviet Union, splitting up into 15 separate countries. The West perceived the collapse of the Soviet Union as a victory for freedom, a celebration over totalitarianism, and evidence of capitalism over socialism. “The end of the Cold War left the United States as the only military superpower and raised the prospect of a “new world order” dominated by the United States and its European and Asian allies.” The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted from the burden of the United States and the communisms internal weakness. Ronald Reagans Administration pursued two prolonged strategies in defeating the Soviet Union. The first strategy was to rearm the United States and abandon the detente. Rearming the United States consisted of a new defense upgrade that would include a 600 ship Navy, new Army divisions, tanks, planes, and missiles. With doing this strategy, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger forced the Soviet Union to an arms race. The arms race resulted in the strain of the Soviet Union’s income and political ratings. Ronald Regan abandoned the détente (a plan for ending the Cold War or at least curbing its most dangerous excesses) and made no secret of that he considered the Soviet Union to be an “evil empire”. The second strategy included CIA director William Casey, who funded guerillas to over throw communist governments. Casey provided the guerillas with large amounts of military assistance in their battle against the invading Soviets. “Likewise, Reagan offered aid to anticommunists in Angola competing with the Soviet-backed government for control of that newly independent country. And in Cambodia the administration propped up a coalition of forces working to unseat a government installed by the Soviet-sponsored Vietnamese
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