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Name Address Email: Phone: College Letter My name is …. I lived in Poland when I was younger, and now I’m growing up in the city of Chicago. As I aged I became fascinated with cooking and baking. I am very skilled when I’m working in the kitchen, and I catch on to new cuisines really easy. I am the type of person who is very ongoing, and dedicated towards the things I put my work, and time into. As I began to explore the new recopies form all around the world I learned to develop a sense in what specific location I wanted to be geared towards the most. I began to research new ways to cook, and even bake. I began to love the way cooking makes me feel. As the start of my college education begins to near I know that I want to obtain a degree in cooking, and then later obtain a Master’s Degree in the art of many types of cuisines. As I was younger up until now I have experimented with many different recipes. I have also helped my family and friends if they needed help with cooing/baking something. During my High School career I took a 3 cooking class to better further my knowledge. As I have been around the block a few times I have learned how to cook for certain people because not everyone likes their food the same. I have also gained a lot of professional experience and the ability to be very social with new people. As of right now I volunteer at Almost Home Foundation. I am the type of person who likes to do a lot of traveling and I prefer change as much as possible because it’s always something fresh. I like to meet new people because as they say "every new person you meet is a new connection you make". As of right now my current job is teaching me to be very social and outgoing, along with interactive, and professional. I am really interest in the way the world is all coming down to new cuisine’s from all around the world, and many different techniques

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