Collaborative Project Staff Development Plan

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Collaborative Project Staff Development Plan – Language and Communication Disabilities IDEA 2004 defines a speech or language impairment as a communication disorder, such as stuttering and impaired articulation, language, voice, which adversely affects a child’s educational performance (Students with Communication Disorders, 2009, Slide 6). A language disorder is impairment in the ability to understand and/or use words verbally and nonverbally. Difficulties include spoken language, reading and writing difficulties. A communication disorder may occur in language, speech, and hearing. Children with communication disorders have deficits in their ability to exchange information with others. Typically, language development starts with a variety of babbling. Vocabulary is extended by naming objects, labeling, and playing pretend. School-age children use language by recounting stories about their life in complex sentences (Audio Clips, n.d.).…show more content…
Students have difficulties in vocabulary, retrieving a word when needed, understanding multiple meanings, and figurative language. Students may also struggle with phonological processes matching symbols to the sounds they represent. It is possible to exhibit significant difficulties fitting into social settings due to difficulties in language. Language disorders are usually identified using standardized tests and the observations of those with whom the child interacts. Speech disorders may be identified using an articulation test. Basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency should be considered for students with limited English proficiency (Students with Communication Disorders, 2009, Slide
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