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Jason Hanna English 101-42 Collaborative Exploration Paper April 29, 2008 Abortion What is abortion? Why is it so controversial? What has everyone either choosing a definite side or staying out of it altogether? When does life really start? What is Roe vs. Wade? In this essay I will explain the topic of abortion and answer all of these questions. In the end the reader must draw a conclusion from the evidence before them. According to abortion is the “Induced termination of pregnancy, involving destruction of the embryo or fetus.” This issue has taken up by lobbyists in Washington, to the radical teenager in junior high. The issue seems to sway back and forth especially over time. The worst case scenario ends in violence…show more content…
The ruling said that life began after the second trimester. Meaning that the mother could abort the baby until it reaches twenty four weeks old then it will be too late to abort it because it can survive outside the mother’s womb. After this it becomes risky to the parent to abort the baby. Until the Roe vs. Wade decision it was a felony to have an abortion people were tried and convicted as early as the nineteenth century. It was even deemed a homicide on some cases. They ruled that Texas’s claim to historical basis was deemed void because of lack of evidence. In the end Roe won legalizing abortions in all fifty states. Later cases would define the stipulations and the guidelines such as Doe vs. Bolton, Sternberg vs. Carhart, and Gonzales vs.…show more content…
In this the child is adding the finishing touches to its body. It grows from a few pounds to about seven or eight adding layers of fat to support itself and to protect itself from harm. The child starts to move around and kicks and rolling over trying to create some room inside. In this way the mother may feel discomfort or short bursts of energy. The child’s lungs have are completely grown at full extent at forty two weeks. The child’s hair grows rapidly and begins to take their distinct color. The smallest part says abortion should be legalized until the actual birth date roughly ten percent of adults who think abortion should be legal think it should happen throughout the nine months. All the bones are solidified and hardened making 300 plus bones in total. Although they are not as strong as a grown adult’s bones they can still protect the baby if anything happens. It’s head is also bigger then it’s chest as it’s brain is not completely developed until it reaches three years

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