Collaboration in Conflict Resolution Essay

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Understanding corporate culture and increasing collaboration and decreasing conflict during software development between projectized departments and operational departments within the same organization. Sullivan University: CMM521x May 10, 2014 Abstract In today’s environment companies rely on unique projects to move functional areas to the next level. This normally cannot be done by the actual functional department due to operational daily task. Companies have seen success in created specialized project teams to manage such projects in house but under a separate arm of the company. Conflicts arise when the project team forgets the corporate culture and attempts to force the functional departments into unseen territory. Often a power struggle emerges and the project team often forgets who the customer is and how to resolve the conflict through collaborative techniques. Collaborating with Customers Customers come in all shapes and sizes and knowing who the customer is more important than knowing what the product is in business. In functional organizations the customer is seen as always being, but in the projectized organization the customer may not be 100% correct or it may be complicated finding out who the customer really is. Generally, the customer is a user of the final product, management, functional departments or even an organization as a whole. According to Littlejohn and Domenici (2007), "Collaboration means that you want success for everyone." (p. 79) In a project understanding the project workflow is vital to communicating and collaborating with customers. Although collaboration occurs iteratively throughout the entire project process, the beginning portions of a project in which the project manager or project team creates relationships with customers is vital. Creating the trust or gaining the trust of the customer will ensure that collaboration

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