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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal In the following Party Plates Proposal, we will discuss when it is best to use Microsoft Access versus Microsoft Excel, the usefulness of converting to Microsoft Access, and how we can improve internal communications and streamline our work processes. Although Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool when using a single worksheet and fixing minor problems, Microsoft Access is better when handling complex actions that requires multiple parties to the same information. Converting data held in Excel would save time and money for any business. Access can create relationships between two tables and Excel cannot (Grauer, Poatsy, Mulbery, Hulett, Krebs, Mast, 2011). What this means is information can now be accessed from different tables to generate or produce forms, reports and other searches for needed data. According to the text, “You should use Access to manage data when you: * Require multiple related tables to store your data. * Have a large amount of data. * Need to connect to and retrieve data from external databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server. * Need to group, sort, and total data based on various parameters. * Have an application that requires multiple users to connect to one data source at the same time. You should use Excel to manage data when you: * Only need one worksheet to handle all of your data (i.e., you do not need multiple worksheets). * Have mostly numeric data—for example, you need to maintain an expense statement. * Require subtotals and totals in your worksheet. * Want to primarily run a series of “what if” scenarios on your data. * Need to create complex charts and/or graphs When you convert data from Excel to Access, you are making that information available to multiple people to use simultaneously. Furthermore, Excel can limit any business if it’s used as a
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