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Colin Powell Colin Powel is one of the most significant African Americans of our time through his success, popularity, and leadership excellence. He has achieved greatness throughout his life in various military and governmental positions which also have lead him to who he is now. He deserves the recognition he has received since he has shown outstanding leadership qualities through countless world crises and four United States presidents. Colin Powell was born in New York City on April 5, 1937 and was raised in the South Bronx. His parents, Luther and Maud Powell, immigrated to the United States from Jamaica. He went to school in New York City, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the City College of New York in 1958. He later earned a Master of Business Administration degree from The George Washington University. This was only the start of his life since he later has been in many influential governmental positions. He was extremely successful in life since he went from the streets of Harlem to a former significant chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and highly respected military roles. He has risen through the ranks of the U.S. military while serving in Vietnam…show more content…
His leadership has made him seem one step ahead of both allies and competitors, which has given people the confidence to trust his leadership for many important roles he has been appointed in. In an interview with Oren Harari, Colin Powell stated his 18 principles for great leadership which applies to his success and when asked what you need for success, in two words he replied “hard work” showing his determination in any task at hand. Even after he retired he has still maintained his leadership to help others especially through the United Nations. His determination has leaded him to become one of the greatest African American icons of our time and deserves this respect and

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