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The Scratch of a Pen The year of 1763 marked an important year in the transformation of North America. This year marked many struggles in America between the Indians, British, Spanish, French, and the colonist. The events of 1763 not only redrew the political map of North America, but the also changed its human geography. Diseases and wars over power and land were the main causes for death and confrontations throughout this book since everybody wanted to gain control these vast lands. During this period of time Benjamin Franklin described, “everything seems in this country, once the land of peace and order, to be running fast into anarchy and confusion.” In the book this is clearly apparent with the power balances between colonist, natives and the present British army. Life in the Americas during this time was tough for many due to the changing political powers between the British, Spanish, French, and the Colonist. Immigrants came to the colonies in search of free land, low taxes, and political freedom. Immigrants also brought many diseases with…show more content…
He describes this year as a rather peaceful year in contrast to the years to come. The year 1763 drastically changed the political map and its human geography. Major events such as the proclamation of 1763 created many changes to the geography and the power of the British in North America. This book opened my eyes to the hardships the early American people had to deal with and the chaos in the colonies and in the west. Also, we were able to see the struggles and hardships that the Indians endured with the invasion of their lands. America was seen as the place for land and, low taxes and religious freedom. However this is all about to change as the American people plan on expanding west and create their own self-governing government as we break ties with the British

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