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6/24/2015 Colgate-Palmolive Case Study Regina Maturo WHITMAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT | SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY MAR 600 - Global Marketing Strategy Summer 2015 Regina Maturo Global Marketing Strategy Colgate-Palmolive SUMMARY In the 1980s a unique shift occurred in the oral care industry – consumers became less concerned with the aesthetics of their toothbrushes and more concerned added benefits, like greater plaque removal an ease of use. This shift created a surge of product development and improved performance features in existing product lines. During this time, Colgate-Palmolive (CP) spent a significant amount of time and funds developing the Precision toothbrush, which was believed to be superior to all other existing products in its ability to prevent gum disease and remove more plaque. CP developed the Precision with the objective of launching the product in the super-premium, niche segment, but CP executives questioning whether it might be beneficial to target a broader audience by launching the product in the mainstream market. INTRODUCTION Oral hygiene and general dental care is a hot-button topic among many consumers. Adults are looking for toothbrushes that provide added benefits as well as effectiveness and efficiency when brushing their teeth. As such, many consumers are opting for professional performance toothbrushes, or upgrading to superpremium brushes with value-add claims. The competitive landscape is rapidly developing with new entrants stealing market share by launching technologically superior products. To counter increased competition, industry leaders are doubling advertising budgets and increasing promotional initiatives to entice consumers to buy their brand. CP is in a unique position to launch a new product because they are the top competitor in the industry, holding 23.3% volume share. Concept tests and consumer trials have proven that

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